What is "Distance With Me"?

Going on 2020, we never would've thought we would all be where we are today. Staying 6 feet / 1.5 metres away from people, walking around the city like it's abandoned, and learning the new most heard phrase of 2020: Social Distancing.

And there it was, the beginning of "Distance with Me" - for everyone's home distancing needs at this time! Our thoughts were "Wow, this really is a once in a lifetime moment. Where everyone around the world is going through the same thing, experiencing some sort of impact in their lives one way or another, and we're all scrambling trying to do something, new, old, different, the same, from our own four-walls that we call home"

It's not common that humans globally face the same situation, where we can all finally say "We're in this together". So here we are, starting a new journey, with a small shop online to brighten up your days. 

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