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Distance With Me in Comfort and Style

Wearing masks can be very uncomfortable, and can also ruin a perfect outfit! Face coverings have become a part of our normal lives since 2020. We've all been there - what outfit goes with this? Or that big deep breath you take before you step out of the door. But hey, this is the new normal, and while we're at it, why don't we make it look pretty as well? That's where we come in - with masks such as the Renaissance or the Reign, we are introducing the silky, smooth feeling that you will truly appreciate as you walk the town in grandeur, flaunting the beauty of face covering. What's your experience with face mask styling?

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What is "Distance With Me"?

And there it went, the beginning of "Distance with Me" - for everyone's home distancing needs at this time! Our thoughts were "Wow, this really is a once in a lifetime moment. Where everyone around the world is going through the same thing, experiencing some sort of impact in their lives one way or another, and we're all scrambling trying to do something, new, old, different, the same, from our own four-walls that we call home"

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